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ISPEC2U trusted since 2005, has revolutionized the optical world by offering name designer frames, branded lenses and sunglasses available at a fraction of the industries marked up prices.

We search the world for the most fashionable, technically advanced products to sell online. ISPEC2U purchases famous designer brands including the newest styles from Alain Mikli, Ic Berlin, Lindberg, Mykita , Tag Heuer, Porsche Design, Bathing Ape, Bape, Chanel, Oakley, Ray Ban, Levis, Gucci, DKNY, Emporio Armani, Prada, Hugo Boss, Nikon, Ck, Masaki Matsushima, Dior, Mont Blanc, Tom Ford and many others. We purchase frames, lenses and contact lenses directly from the manufacturer or their vendor(s)we call OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) This enables us to sell fine authentic products for the Lower Prices compare to the market.

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The Right Eyewear For You

Eyewear can be an ambiguous term. It can refer to glasses, contact lenses or sunglasses. All in all, you need to know that, in today's world, eyewear has become a fashion statement. You can style your eyes with designer glasses, contact lenses that can make your eyes as blue as the deep ocean or you can protect your vision during the hot summer days with enormous black sunglasses.

If you don't think eyewear is important today, think about all the celebrities that wear sunglasses whenever they go outside or about iconic movies that show incredible beautiful women covering their eyes with fabulous glasses. The first example that comes to mind is Audrey Hepburn in the famous film "Breakfast at Tiffany's". So, next time you think that your glasses make your eyes disappear, consider it twice.

Modern technology has made it very easy for each woman to choose the right eyewear. That perfect pair of glasses that suits the face is an achievable goal. The first thing you need to decide on is the color of the frame. This is best decided according to the color of the eye. If you are fair skinned and have blue or green eyes choose a complementary color, meaning one that is opposable on the color spectrum. For example, for green eyes, choose violet or magenta or fuchsia. The shape of the frame is also important. Large frames are best suited for big faces. Some women may prefer an invisible frame. When it comes to eyewear it is all about choices and you have plenty of options to choose from. Think that big celebrities like Elton John made their glasses an important trademark of their personality. For example, if you like white, you can be the girl with the cute white glasses. The important thing is make a choice that suits you.

A rimless style piece of eyewear is very popular today. Because most people don't like to see their eyes covered, they can choose glasses that have half a frame, meaning that the frame doesn't encircle the lens completely. Still, teenagers around the world like big glasses with big, black frames. This new look, inspired from old school uniforms, is also popular among Hollywood celebrities. You can get such a piece of eyewear from any local shop. Remember to get a specialist consult before choosing glasses. If you have eye problems, you will be given the appropriate lenses that can be styled with all sorts of frames. In the end, you can forget that glasses were once considered unattractive. Today, they make a solid fashion statement and everybody is wearing them. Not to mention that all big brands like Gucci and Versace have started to make their own brand glasses.

The Eyeglasses Basics

The most common illness that many people around the world have to face daily is the inability to see correctly. Either they can’t see from a distance, or they can't read without special eyewear, in today's visual world, patients need to use the correct eyeglasses for their condition. The technological innovations in ophthalmology have made it possible for individuals around the world to replace their eyeglasses with contact lenses. They can also benefit from vision correction surgery. Still, many people prefer to use glasses because they feel that is expresses something from their personality, especially if they make an informed choice and choose the ones that suit their faces.

Individuals who can afford it and want to make a popular fashion statement can choose frames and glasses from international brand designers like Calvin Klein or Marc Jacobs. Teenagers have started to embrace the glasses mania even since pop culture icons like Harry Potter turned the normal pair of glasses into a must have item. Still, despite brands and icons, people need to know a few technical details in order to choose just the right pair of eyeglasses.

Today, the frames are made from plastic or metal. If you want a pair of strong glasses, that can survive if you accidentally drop them on the floor, ask for an extra thought material like polycarbonate. Don't forget that plastic and metal are materials that are not recommended for people who suffer from allergies. Sensitive individuals should wear frames made out of titanium or stainless steel. These materials are hypoallergenic and people can avoid getting skin conditions like dermatitis which can be very uncomfortable.

The style of the frame is a highly debatable issue. There are so many styles available today that choosing the right one can be a serious endeavor. Women can choose frames that are shaped like cat-eyes or they can choose frame models with swirls and angular patterns. The most popular frames today are the unisex ones. Unisex frames are rimless, they are also cheap and can be worn in all social occasions. For example, if you work in an academic environment, you can’t show up at work with cat-eye frames.

Eyeglasses can be used for reading, for seeing in the distance, for writing or for studying. Remember that if you work in an environment that requires you to stay more than 8 hours a day in front of a computer, you will need special UV glasses with special lenses. In the long run, all LCD screens have serious consequences on the eyes, leading even to vision impairment. That is why you should wear glasses. No need to feel embarrassed. You can choose a model that is right for you and suits you just fine.

Why Malaysia Eyewear Is Cheaper

Malaysia eyewear is one of the cheapest eyewear available on the international market today because it is manufactured in a country with low manufacturing costs. Low manufacturing costs can be established by the government and it does not necessarily imply a low quality. Usually, all products categorized as eyewear, meaning eyeglasses, lenses and sunglasses, are made in standard conditions and respect all international regulations.

Malaysia eyewear may also refer to a series of specialized clinics located especially in the country's capital, Kuala Lumpur, that are offering low cost and professional eye services like eye consultations and glasses prescriptions. For example, the Malaysian Association Of Practicing Opticians or MAPO is one of the most popular Malaysian clinics recommended for people who suffer from eye illnesses.

People who wonder why Malaysian ophthalmology services are cheaper can find their answer in the fact that all costs are calculated according to the country's currency. That is why people who come from Europe or USA can find that Malaysia eyewear is more affordable than similar products that are bought from their home countries. Even big international brands like Gucci, Versace and Marc Jacobs have opened new manufacturing centers for their brand eyewear in Malaysia. Here, they can find cheap working labor, while also creating new working places.

Malaysia eyewear isn't different from classic American or European eyewear. The same technologies are being used and, in most cases, Malaysian professionals go abroad to study ophthalmology and then return to their home country and start practicing in specialized clinics. The eyewear items that are sold in local Malaysian shops can be bought from local shops or from online sites. The only difference is that, when ordering Malaysian glasses online, people will pay an extra shipping fee if they wish to receive their package at home. Still, this fee is not expensive. In the end, people can save money by ordering cheap Malaysian eyeglasses from online sites than buying the same eyewear from their home shops were they are sold at high prices. When ordering eyewear online, individuals should always have a medical prescription and place their order accordingly. A bad order can cause severe eye problems since it is recommended that all lenses worn by patients should have the same qualities and measurements as indicated on the medical prescription. Malaysian online shops have all the lenses available, you just need to order the right ones. In the end, it is not just an option about saving money. You should also look after your health and order products that are good for you. Malaysian eyeglasses can help you save money, as long as you follow professional indications and wear them according to the medical prescription.

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